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Environmental Management

Environment Management Philosophy

The systemized environment management of KHEltec has acquired the ISO 14001 Certification. The company is pioneering the green industry era of tomorrow. Every employees of KHEltec contributed in establishing the 2010 Environmental Policy and participate in environmental management practices to minimize harmful environmental effects and to pass on a clean environment to future generations. KHEltec places great effort in developing environmentally friendly products and appropriately responds to environmental issues so that the company and society can grow together KHEltec strives to create a world that provides a more convenient and abundant life for all.

Environment Policy

KHEltec makes every effort to fulfill its corporate responsibility regarding the environment throughout all of its management activities. To minimize harmful effects on the environment KHEltec has established an environmental management system. The company strives to become the leading company that contributes toward the preservation of a clean and healthy environment. All environmental issues have the highest priority and the following environmental policy is strictly enforced.

The environmental management system's implementation status is inspected and priority is given for environmental consideration throughout corporate management activities. Our environmental management and implementation strategy has been established to minimize environmental pollution and sustainable environmental innovation acticities have been implemented. Emission of environmentally hazardous material is minimized and recycling and reuse of resources is promoted to ensure efficient usage of resources and energy. The company has acquired a sound legal standing by complying with all domestic and international environmental laws and regulations. Systematic training and educational programs are implemented to ensure that every employee and all affiliate companies understand and follow the environment management system.