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Ethical Management



KHEltec's corporate culture motivates its employees with a sense of accomplishment through building mutual trust and respect amongst all employees. KHEltec is developibg a business culture that promotes good values, fairness, and transparency that encourages coexistence between the company, customers, and affiliates.

KHEltec employees are encouraged to bacome outstanding professionals with self-respect and prode. Employees do not engage in discrimanation, and the company places its best efforts to ensure fair evaluation and compensation as well as appropriate work assignment. Periodic communication between the management and employees is held to share the management environment. Preventive education courses are held and the unethical behavior report center operates to eliminate unethical behavior amongst employees and to create a fair and clean corporate culture.

Customers are the reason for KHEltec's existence and the company will pursue customer-first management practices to provide the highest value to its customers Any promises made to our customers must be kept and the company honestly discloses all information that customers need to be aware of, and places its best effort to establish resonable pricing policies and a trasparent business culture.

Unethical Behavior Report Center

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Any reporting of unethical behavior, such as unfair business practices, requests for bribes or favors, unethical accounting practices, or others, by KHEltec will be investigated by the Ethical Management Division of the company and its outcome will also be informed to the individual who reported the incident. Confidentiallity of the reporting individual's identity is strictly enforced throughout the entire investigation as well as post-action processes so that anyone can report unethical practices.