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Production Process

Manufacture Processing

Cutting Process of cutting roll-shaped raw material (FCCL, Coverlay, Bonding Sheet, Prepreg,Popper foil) to working size
Drill Process of processing hole and laser via hole on base raw material for common transfer between layers
Laser Process of processing Hole for only specific Layer using CO₂/ UV Source for common transfer between layers
Copper plating Process fo applying plating by chemical, electrical plating on non-conductive part of processed Hole (Through hole & Laser via hole)
DF Process fo lighting UV(Ultra Violet) in Positive method by Laminating Dry Film on  FCCL
ET Process fo creatigng circuits by corroding copper(Cu) Through DES (developing, corrosion, peeling off) process
AOI Process of inspecting high-density integrated circuit products with automatic optical testing equipments
HP Process of compressing Covelay, Conding sheet, Prepreg, reinforcement plate to harden by appying high temperature and high pressure
Print Process fo indicating product histories such as prodect name, week of prodection and applying fuctional Ink such as PSR/Silver/Over coating
Gold Plating Process fo chemically treating(gold plating/tin plating/OSP) required areas on terminal for smooth Mouting of SMT Chip on FPCB
SFT Process of attaching reinforcement(Epoxy, Kapton, Sus) for reinforcing soft section of FPCB
BBT Process of checking open, short between circuits using electronic property
Punching Final process of product by setting mold to press
Inspection Process of inspecting conformity of final processed prodect on testing standard