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Imagination and imagine that connects flexibly IT leading global mobile sector partners!

Hello! Welcome to KHEltec ’s homepage. KHEltec was incorporated into KHVatec’s affiliate in June 2011 and manufacture of FPCB and sub assembly in IT mobile area. KHEltec is ready to leap as the Best Value Provider that have a strategy to identify and a identify needs of customer in the Smart age. Simultaneously, the company is implementing environmentally friendly and ethical management to ensure that the company fulfills its social responsibilities. Thank you.

2000 Founded Dream Electron and setted up CNC Drill production line
2003 Certified ISO9001, 2000 / KSA9001, 2007
2005 Certified FPCB UL(File: E300858)
2007 Changed Acro-Tech
2009 Registered Samsung Electro-Mechanics’s supplier(LCD TV BLU MPCB, etc.)
2011 Incorporated KH Vatec and renamed KH Eltec, Proclaimed BVP311 vision
2012 Registered supplier of Doosung Tech(Mobile FPCB), Registered supplier of DKUIL(TV BLU) and Bujeon(Mobile FPCB), Registered LG HE division’s 2nd suppliers, Registered Samsung wireless division’s 2nd suppliers
2013 Upgraded manufacturing line, Global customer acquisition